Mental Health

Parenting and Emotions

A great article.. We’ve all been there. Once we develop the insight to recognize these less favorable teachings we can stop thinking about change and start changing in small ways… baby steps. We’ll never be perfect but it’s never too late to turn things around in a more positive direction although it’s hard to… Continue reading Parenting and Emotions

LPC Supervision · Mental Health

Are you looking for LPC-Intern Supervision?

I am a Board certified LPC-Supervisor and currently have openings for LPC-Interns. Committing to at least 18 months or up to years providing supervision is an important role and one that I take very seriously. My LPC-Intern experience was very special to me because I had what I consider to be an excellent LPC Supervisor.… Continue reading Are you looking for LPC-Intern Supervision?


Signs of Depression

Always seek professional assistance and avoid self-diagnosing. However, it’s important to have education about depression which may indicate warning signs to watch for and please seek help from a mental health provider. Mental health issues are no different than medical ones, meaning you are not a diagnosis but simply have symptoms of depression which is treatable… Continue reading Signs of Depression

Substance Abuse

Why Small Conversations Make a Big Impression | SAMHSA

Check out this article from SAMHSA about talking with youth about substance abuse. Many schools are having a Red Ribbon Week to provide education in this area. Red ribbon week is the perfect opportunity to bring up these issues with your children and reinforce what is being taught at school. What are you child’s views… Continue reading Why Small Conversations Make a Big Impression | SAMHSA